European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 (Shippers’ viewpoint)

Truck ‘platooning’ comprises of a number of trucks closely following each other. This forms a platoon with several trucks reciprocally communicating with each other. The first truck acts by taking the lead in determining speed, braking etc. while the other trucks respond automatically and simultaneously in fraction of seconds. All trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art driving support systems e.g. radars, laser sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle technology and monitoring camera’s to check traffic flows. Floating car data are transmitted via G3/4 to determine average traffic time, weather conditions, speed etc.

Benefits, shipper’s point of view, challenges and next steps ahead are described in this article. Most important challenge: platooning operators still have to employ drivers.


The following subjects are described:

  • Why platooning?
  • Benefits
  • Shippers as potential users
  • Challenges ahead
  • Next steps

In the section 'Shippers as potential users' the TRANSFORMERS project is mentioned:

Let’s take a view over the fence of another shipper aiming for similar truck efficiencies, however from a different angle: ‘Transformers’. It is an original alliance among truck and trailer manufacturers (partly the same partners as in platooning pilot) including OEMs suppliers (BOSCH), truck operators (IRU) and a shipper: PROCTER & GAMBLE. Road testing is planned this summer (2016): a new truck-trailer combination that will increase efficiency up to 25% per TonKm. It combines several innovations: Hybrid on Demand; adjustable roof height; aerodynamic implements and optimised load efficiency due to adjustable shelves allowing double stacking inside the trailer.

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HoD Trailer awarded [SCB]
TRANSFORMERS Final Conference


Facts & Figures

  • Full name: Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: 1 September 2013
  • Total budget: 7.9 M€
  • EC Funding: 5.2 M€


  • Develop and demonstrate Hybrid-on-Demand Driveline for Truck-trailer Combination
  • Develop innovative complete vehicle aerodynamic measures
  • Develop innovative loading efficiency measures