Holistic Simulations

Modular Vehicle Architecture
Cross-domain vehicle optimization will be done within a virtual environment leading to one main criteria of building a modular system for holistic simulation and experimentation. In a first step all configurable truck trailer components are defined via their inputs and outputs representing the overall vehicle architecture. On this basis, in connection with the co-simulation approach, model parameter adjustments as well as replacements of individual subsystem are easily possible, where subsystems eventually modelled on different ‘level of details’ and/or within other simulation tools.


This modularity makes it easy to simulate docents of combinations
without the need to change the whole architecture of the model.

The model library

To handle the number of different components and models, a model library was implemented. It is a web application for model and version management and it supports open standards like CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) and JCR (Java Content Repository). It offers several useful services like:    - Definition of the content structure- User authorization management of the content- Version control.


The user has the right to create, modify and delete models in his ‘private place’. This is the area of the model library that can only be accessed by the user. The model needs to be moved into the ‘public space’ to make it available to the public. Therefore the permission of the admin is required. Models in the public space can be downloaded by other users. There is also a direct access from the co-simulation platform ICOS to the model library implemented.

A two-steps Simulation Approach

In a first instance parameter variations were done to find out best parameters of each component. The mutual dependencies of the parameters are taken into account. Sensitivity Analysis is based on a constructed high level simulation model to significantly enhance simulation performance in terms of simulation time. In the second step, highlighted significant improvements will be analysed using an in-depth modelled holistic vehicle model co-simulated within ICOS. For example, at this point, cooling systems, aerodynamic trailer configurations and different routes will be considered.




HoD Trailer awarded [SCB]
TRANSFORMERS Final Conference


Facts & Figures

  • Full name: Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: 1 September 2013
  • Total budget: 7.9 M€
  • EC Funding: 5.2 M€


  • Develop and demonstrate Hybrid-on-Demand Driveline for Truck-trailer Combination
  • Develop innovative complete vehicle aerodynamic measures
  • Develop innovative loading efficiency measures